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Search by Keyword

This article explains how you can search items in your inbox by keywords.

Updated over a week ago

It is possible to search your inbox with specific keywords or phrases to find comments and messages saving you and your team time.

In your inbox you will see a search bar, simply enter what you would like to search for and we will show you matching items for that profile.

When searching for a keyword, it will only apply to words starting with the search input. E.g. searching for "day" will return results for the words "daylight" or "dayum" but not "holiday"

Please note: the search doesn't include your page's posts and comments. For example, If the page "Nike" publishes a post "the new SB is up and running" and replies to their posts saying "link here to buy", neither the post nor the comment will show up in the search results. However, your page's items can still be found by searching for a comment received by the page: the post and comment will be displayed in the detailed view there

What is possible?

  • Searching for keywords

  • Searching for phrases

  • Searching for usernames that contacted you since October 2023. (User search is available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, TikTok and Google users)

  • Special characters inc emojis (@ can not be searched)

  • Message and author searches are combinable e.g. searching for “Bob tracking” can return any message where the author is “Bob” and the message contains “tracking”)

What is not possible?

  • It is not possible to search for labels

  • It is not possible to search for usernames that contacted you before October 2023

  • It is not possible to do multi-filtering

  • It is not possible to specifically look for sent messages only

  • It is not possible to search across multiple social profiles

  • It is not possible to exclude specific keywords or phrases

  • It is not possible to search for usernames on LinkedIn

Inbox search is available depending on the subscription plan you have. If you would like to change your plan to access this feature, feel free to reach out to us here.

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