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Features not available in Instagram API
Features not available in Instagram API
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Agorapulse is an official Instagram partner, but sometimes we're not able to provide certain features for Instagram users. The reasons for this may vary, but some features Instagram prefers not to make available through their API, meaning no 3rd-party services have access to them.

Here you can find all the info about Instagram Content Publishing limitations.

Below you can find the list of features that have not been made available through the Instagram API (yet). As soon as they are made available, the Agorapulse Dev Team can start to work on them:

  • Liking comments

  • Commenting on photos in which you were tagged

  • Commenting on hash-tagged posts found via the Listening feature

  • Publish animated GIFs

  • Publish more than 30 hashtags in a post

  • Sync sponsored posts

  • Add Story add-ons (stickers, swipe-up links, GIFs, Locations, Hashtags, Product tagging etc.)

  • Sync re-shared Stories

  • See Story poll/slider results

  • Sync Story Highlights

  • Follow #hashtags

  • Hide ad comments

  • Replying to or deleting an ad comment when the ad is inactive or has been updated

  • Adding alt-text to your images

  • Create collaborator posts

  • Publish Stories using a Creator account

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