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What do I get with my free trial? What are the limits?
What do I get with my free trial? What are the limits?
Updated over a week ago

We offer every user a 15-day trial period without asking for a credit card or a commitment. The plan you're going to test is the Advanced plan.

You can check all the features that are included on the pricing page.

This trial is renewable once (you'll get 15 + 15 days, that's one month for free.) During the trial, you will be limited to the following:

  • you will start the trial with 1 team member; however, you can invite team members for free during the Trial period.*

  • you can add up to 10 social profiles

  • we'll sync up to the last 2000 active ads, every 2 hours (applies to Facebook and Instagram)

  • with the Competitors feature you'll be able to add up to 100 competitors to test out the feature

*At the end of your Trial, you can either go to a Free plan or Subscribe. When you subscribe this is when you will have to pay for previously invited users. 1 invited user = 1 user seat. If you want to purchase a lower number of seats, you'll need to remove any active users or pending invitations you don't wish to pay for.

As soon as you subscribe to a paid plan, we remove the limits immediately, according to the plan you subscribed to.

If you've already restarted a free trial and cannot do it anymore, but need more time to test, contact us and we'll restart it for you.

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