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What is the Agorapulse organization system?
What is the Agorapulse organization system?
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Agorapulse provides an organization system to better manage your team, your subscription and all the social profiles you added. See below the details:

  • Roles and team management

As a user, you now have a role in the organization. You can be the owner (1 per organization), a manager or a member.

A user can be part of several organizations - for example, an Owner in Organization 1 and a Member of Organization 2. In order to switch to another organization, click your profile picture on the top-left corner and choose Switch:

An owner has all permissions - (s) he can edit or cancel subscriptions, invite new users, change their roles, etc.

A manager automatically has Admin rights on all social profiles included in the organization. A manager can invite new team members and can add a new profile to the organization

A member can have different permissions on profiles: Admin, Editor, Moderator, and Guest. A member can not invite new team members and cannot add new social profiles to the organization/subscription.

To manage your team, you can visit this tab: we also have a more in-depth article here about this,

  • Social profiles tab

The social profile navigation menu is the same for all users included in the organization. The owner and managers can edit this menu. Be careful, if you change the menu, changes will be applied to everyone included in the organization.

  • Subscription

Only the owner can edit the subscription and the billing information.

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