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Google Business Profiles integration
Google Business Profiles integration
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Agorapulse allows you to connect Google Business Profiles that you manage. In order to connect the profiles:

  • you'll need to authenticate with Google Account you're managing profiles with

  • you'll need to have a role on profiles (businesses) - can be Primary Owner, Owner, Manager or Site Manager

  • profile (business) needs to be verified (this is Business Profiles API requirement) - learn more on how to verify your business here

What is supported

For the moment, we support Business Profile's Reviews management as well as scheduling / publishing posts.

Any time a customer leaves a review on any of your connected profiles, you'll be able to manage it and respond directly from the Agorapulse Inbox. See below for more details.

You can also Publish and Schedule to multiple profiles at a time.

What isn't supported

At this moment we don't support:

  • Business Profiles' Questions & Answers

  • Analytics and reporting features for Business Profiles

  • Google Business profiles are not supported in the Agorapulse mobile companion app

My Business profile's Inbox

After you connect your Business Profile, we'll sync all its reviews for the past month. We'll also sync older reviews in case they have recent (<1 month) replies.

The frequency of sync depends on the subscription plan you have.

Subscription plan

Sync frequency

Free plan






Advanced (incl. free Trial) & Custom


Agorapulse Google Business Profiles integration is not available with the Free plan. It's also not available for some legacy subscription plans. If your plan does not have the ability to connect a Google Business profile but you would like this feature, please feel free to reach out to us here to talk about changing your plan.

If you have previously replied to a review (directly in Google Business Profiles Dashboard or in the Google Maps app), we'll also sync this reply - you can edit or delete it in Agorapulse if needed.

By default, reviews appear chronologically in the Inbox - the most recent are at the top. You can choose reverse ordering, by oldest first.

Among other filtering options, you'll be able to filter out the reviews based on the rating - starting from the worst 1-star reviews to the best 5-star reviews.

We sync and display the star rating of the review (which is mandatory when leaving a review) and the text of the review (which is optional). We are not able to sync and display the photos attached to a review (these are optional, too, however).

Reviews management


You're able to label the replies under the reviews, for future reference, for filtering capabilities or for tracking purposes.


Add a bookmark on a reply to a review, to be able to easily find it and filter it later.


If you have more team members managing the Business Profiles in Agorapulse, you can assign reviews/replies to them, with an optional note, so that they'll know they need to handle them.


If a location's Review doesn't need any reply or a reply has already been made, you can simply review it and it's out of your sight - you don't need to take care of it anymore. It also indicates to every other team member that this item has been handled and didn't slip through the cracks.

All Reviews that have not been reviewed yet can be found in the Inbox > To review tab.


You can reply to a review once only. You'll be able to edit your reply later, no worries. You'll also be able to delete an existing reply to a review completely.

When replying to a Review you're limited by 4096 characters - you can use text or emoji. It's not allowed to upload any kind of attachment(s) or files.


This option is not available in Business Profiles API.


This option is not available in Business Profiles API.

Flag as inappropriate

This option is not available in Business Profiles API.

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