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Inbox bulk actions Explained
Inbox bulk actions Explained
Updated over a week ago

Agorapulse Inbox makes it easy to manage multiple comments or messages at once. After selecting one or more items in your Inbox, you'll be able to perform actions on your selection of items.

To select one or more Inbox items, check the checkbox(es) that appear over item(s) - you can also check the Select all checkbox at the top.

As soon as at least one Inbox item is selected, bulk options will appear in the top bar. You can:

  • assign multiple items at once

  • add label(s) to multiple items at once

  • review multiple selected items at once

  • hide multiple items at once

  • or delete multiple items at once

Before reviewing selected items, you'll be asked to confirm your action. Review selected function is different from Review all function:

  • review selected reviews the batch of selected items

  • review all reviews all items currently unreviewed

The bulk actions assign, label and review can be applied to all items in the inbox, regardless of the type of item or the social network.

There are some limitations on which items can be hidden or deleted. Refer to the table below on what items can (or cannot) be hidden and deleted.

(1) The item will only be removed from Agorapulse because it's not possible to delete via the API. Content might be re-synced later.
(2) For Instagram, only ads comments that are not dynamic can be deleted.

Note: The Bulk Actions are available depending on the subscription plan you have. If you would like to change your plan to access this feature, feel free to contact us to talk about a new plan.

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