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Twitter inbox management
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There are plenty of actions you can do in the INBOX, to keep it clean on one hand, but not to miss any conversation with your followers, on the other.


Hover your mouse over any post and click the Review icon to show every other team member that this item has been handled and didn't slip through the cracks.

All mentions/messages that have not been reviewed by any admin can be found in the Inbox > To review tab.

You can also review all items, with one click, thanks to the Review all button, or mark only certain items (bulk) you want to review, and then hit Review selected items button.


You can label any item for easy identification - click on Add label and type in / select label(s). You can then quickly find all items labelled with a given label via label filters.

Allowed characters for labels usage:

  • lowercase and uppercase characters

  • space

  • colon :

  • asterisk *

  • slash / and backslash \

  • dash -

  • plus sign +

  • underscore _

  • at sign @

  • hashtag sign #

  • and sign &

You can remove the label at the same place where you add them - just click the X icon. Labels already created and used before can be erased from the list of labels by erasing each and every label - in other words, to remove a label, you need to erase that particular label from each item it was assigned on. Once a label is not assigned to any item, it'll be removed.


Bookmarking an item is another way to easily find what you're looking for. As in the web browser, bookmark mention or message, to quickly access it. Bookmark button is located within the 3-dots.

Please note this is not the same action as "adding tweet to Bookmarks" on Twitter - bookmarking in Agorapulse is "internal" Agorapulse action: what you bookmark in Agorapulse, won't be added to Bookmarks on Twitter (and vice versa).


You can assign any follower content on your Twitter account to any admin by clicking on the content, then on the Assign. You will then see a note "Assigned to {name of the admin}" below the item.

You can also add an optional note when assigning an item. This could be useful for internal communication among team members.

Once the content has been assigned, the admin will receive an instant notification email informing them a post has been assigned to him/her.

It is only possible to assign content to one admin at a time. Each admin has an 'Assigned to me' filter on the top of the view for quick and easy access.


You can like a mention by clicking on it and then hitting Like icon. You can undo the like action anytime by hitting the same icon again.


To retweet a tweet, simply click on it and hit the Retweet 🔁 icon. You can undo this by clicking on Undo retweet.


You will have the option to remove your own tweet from the inbox, but it will not be possible to delete mentions of others. You can simply click the bin icon 🗑️ and confirm the request.

This action will remove the given tweet from Agorapulse, as well as from Twitter. It cannot be undone.

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