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Instagram inbox management
Instagram inbox management
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Do you want to be more organized when handling Instagram comments? Here are some handy tips!

1 Review

All comments that have not been reviewed by any admin can be found in the Inbox > To Review tab.

You can also review all items with one click, thanks to the Review all button, or mark only certain items (bulk) you want to review, then hit the Review selected items button.

2 Assign

You can assign any follower comment on your Instagram account to any admin by clicking on the content, and then on the Assign button. You will then see a note "Assigned to {name of the admin}" below the item.

You can also add an optional note when assigning an item. This could be useful for internal communication among team members.

Once the content has been assigned, the admin will receive an instant notification email informing them a post has been assigned to him/her.

It is only possible to assign content to one admin at a time. Each admin has an 'Assigned to me' filter on the top of their view for quick and easy access.

Note: if you’re the only administrator of a given account, this option won’t be available.

3 Bookmark

Bookmarking is another way to quickly find what you're looking for. As in the web browser, bookmark a comment, to quickly access it. The Bookmark button is located within the 3-dots.

4 Label

You can label any item for easy identification - click on Add label and type in / select label(s). You can then quickly find all items labelled with a given label via label filters.

Allowed characters for labels usage:

  • lowercase and uppercase characters

  • space

  • colon :

  • asterisk *

  • slash / and backslash \

  • dash -

  • plus sign +

  • underscore _

  • at sign @

  • hashtag sign #

  • and sign / ampersand &

You can remove a label in the same place where you add them - just click the X icon. If you need to remove a label completely (ex.: it's not used anymore), you can do that in Profile settings - Labels. If you remove a label from here, it'll be removed from all items it's been applied to, and will erase it from the list of existing labels.

5 Like

You can't like an Instagram comment due to the fact that the Instagram API does not allow us to do so. In other words, we were not able to develop this feature because of Instagram API limitations.

6 Hide

You can hide a comment from Instagram - hidden comments won't be visible to other Instagram users, however, the author of the comment will still be able to see it.

7 Remove

You can remove a comment from Instagram - this is irreversible and a comment once removed can't be retrieved anymore.

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