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How to disable Instagram Direct Messages (DM) & Story mentions
How to disable Instagram Direct Messages (DM) & Story mentions
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Agorapulse allows you to manage Instagram Direct Messages. If you no longer want to see your Instagram Direct Messages (DM) and Story mentions in your Agorapulse Inbox, you can disable the sync of these items.

This action must be done in the Instagram mobile app. You'll need to disable the Allow access to Messages option. So, open your Instagram app and:

  1. select the Instagram Professional (Business/Creator) account

  2. tap Settings and privacy

  3. then Messages and story replies

  4. then Message controls

  5. and finally toggle off Allow access to Messages

You'll need to disable access to messages for each Instagram account that you wish to disable DMs for separately.

Once these steps are complete, Agorapulse will stop syncing Direct Messages & Story mentions in your Inbox. This will not delete any messages. New messages will no longer appear in Agorapulse.

To re-enable syncing of DMs and Story mentions refer to this article.

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