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How much content can I monitor with my subscription?
How much content can I monitor with my subscription?
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Agorapulse automatically tells you when someone mentions you in a public Facebook post. There is no limitation to the number of Facebook mentions that can be synchronized in Agorapulse.


For YouTube profiles, you can create as many keyword, hashtag or location searches as you like, but the number of videos we collect on those searches is limited to 100,000.

Please note that the limit is calculated in the last 30-day period.


On Instagram, you can query a maximum of 30 unique hashtags within a rolling 7-day period. All hashtag searches across all third-party apps that you are using count towards this limit. Once you’ve reached the limit of 30 hashtags, you can remove some of them but you'll need to wait 7 days to add a new hashtag.

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