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What items are displayed in my calendar?
What items are displayed in my calendar?
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Monthly, Weekly and List view

These are the different viewing options for your Calendar.

You're able to select a monthly or weekly view of your calendar which will allow you to plan your content on a Calendar view with either a month or a week focus.

You can switch between the views by clicking the button in the top left-hand corner.

You can also select “List” to view your content in a list form, one after the other.

This will allow you to see a direct preview of your content and approve it easily.

Note: When the view is in List and filtered to Published the chronological order of posts is from newest to oldest, but while filtered to Scheduled, posts are displayed from oldest to newest.

What items are displayed in your calendar?

​Your Calendar will display:

  • Scheduled posts (blue)

  • Queued posts (purple)

  • Pending posts (light green)

  • Published posts (green)

  • posts for you to approve (orange)

  • Assigned posts you (light red)

  • Failed to publish posts (red)

  • posts that have been rejected in the approval process (burgundy red)

  • posts that have been saved as a draft (grey)

Also, for easy identification, we are showing little icons representing different post types. There are icons for:

  • photo type post

  • link type post

  • video type post

  • stories type post

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