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How can I customize a post for a specific social profile?
How can I customize a post for a specific social profile?
Updated over a week ago

On Agorapulse, you can create posts to go across multiple profiles. But you can also customize the content per social profile.

To customize a post, click the Customize post button in the top right corner of a post preview.

Clicking Customize post opens up the edit mode of the post in the previews. From there, you can customize:

  • The caption (emojis, hashtags etc)

  • The media (add or remove images/videos)

  • The image order

  • The profile-specific options (e.g. location, country or language targeting options)

Once you start customizing posts, all changes made in the central panel will not be applied to the customized post(s). This is because it would conflict with the custom changes you just made. That's the reason why you get the following warning message when you click Customize post:

When you have customized a post, you see:

  • The message "Changes made below will only be applied to non-customized posts"

  • The number of posts you've customized

  • The note "Customized" next to the customized post(s)

You can keep making changes in the central panel. But now, they only appear on non-customized posts:

Uploading media files:

First, open the edit mode in your social previews by selecting the Edit button in the top right of your preview card.

Then, you can select the Browse files button, to upload new media files

Note: if you have an image uploaded, you cannot upload a video and vice versa. You cannot mix image and video files unless posting to Instagram.

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