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How can I deal with time zones in Agorapulse?
How can I deal with time zones in Agorapulse?
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There are essentially two ways to publish in Agorapulse:

  • if you publish immediately, well, that's easy, it's going out right now ;-)

  • if you schedule or queue, the time is based on the timezone set in Profile settings . You can set a different timezone for each social profile. Once the timezone is set, it applies to all admins managing the given social profile.

All scheduled and queued posts, as well as all posts shown in your content Calendar, are shown in the time of the timezone selected at the top of the Calendar - by default, we detect this timezone automatically, from your browser's settings. You can change this timezone to see when the post will be live in the selected timezone.

Note: The displayed time zone will be the one you have set in your Personal settings. It is still possible to change the time zone at the top of the calendar, and the selected time zone will stay in place until you navigate out of the calendar feature.


Time in your Inbox and Listening is based on your browser's time.


Time in Reports is based on your browser's time, by default. You can change the timezone in Profile settings - Reports (general):

User settings

There is a timezone in user settings as well. This timezone is used, for example, for daily/weekly emails or for mobile push notifications. Also, it serves as the basis for the publishing timezone, when a user does not set a custom one.

We hope this helps! Happy socializing!

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