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Facebook Group publishing - specifics
Facebook Group publishing - specifics
Updated over a week ago

Publishing on Facebook Groups has a couple of specifics that you should know about:


You have to be an Admin of the Group on Facebook because you'll need to link Agorapulse with your Group - only Admins can do that, Group members are not allowed to do so.


You will be posting as yourself rather than as a group or a page.

As Facebook says, " content on a Group on behalf of a group member who has granted your app [note: Agorapulse] permission to do so."

This is different to publishing on Facebook Pages, where you actually publish as a Page. The post might look like this, for example:


You can't mention other Groups, Facebook profiles or Facebook Pages in posts. This option is not supported by Facebook API.

Read more on "How to strategically post to Facebook Groups using Agorapulse" on our blog.

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