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Can I tag products on my post?
Can I tag products on my post?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can! It is really easy to tag your products in your post!

What is product tagging on Instagram?

Instagram product tagging is a feature that allows users to buy products directly on Instagram without ever leaving the platform. You can tag the products in your image so that when users click on the tag, they can find additional information about the product such as the price and product description.

They’ll also have the option to buy the product right there on the platform without having to leave the app and complete their purchase on your brand's website.

How can I tag products?

Open the composer, select an Instagram account and add an image of the product you'd like to tag. You'll find the 'tag products' button at the bottom of the Instagram options.

From here you can tag the products on your posts, carousels, and Reels!

Tag products on your posts

The maximum number of tags: you can tag up to 20 products per post.

Tag products on your carousel post

The maximum number of tags: you can tag up to 20 products per carousel (up to 5 product tags per carousel slide).

Tag products on your Reels

The maximum number of tags: you can tag up to 30 products per Reel.

Once you've added your product tags to your post, carousel or reel, you can delete them and add new ones as needed. However, you can't drag and drop tags


  • Product tagging is only possible on Instagram, not on Facebook (API limitation).

  • Product tagging is not supported for Creator accounts (only Business accounts).

  • Accounts are limited to 25 tagged media posts within a 24-hour period.

  • It's not possible to create products directly in the app or even edit the catalogue.

  • Collaborative catalogs such as shopping partner catalogs or affiliate creator catalogs are not supported.

  • Due to the limitation of the Instagram API, we can not provide insights on product tagging at this time (views and clicks).

⚠️ Important information

Due to a change in the Instagram API that is out of our control, some countries will no longer be able to access the Product Tagging feature if they haven't activated the 'Instagram check-out' option in their Meta Commerce Manager.

What is Instagram check-out? This means paying directly on Instagram when you click on a product tag. The user is no longer redirected to a website to be able to purchase an item.

Only 21 countries will be able to continue using the product tagging feature even if they haven't enabled Instagram checkout. Here is the list of these 21 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK and Ukraine.

Click on this link to know how to change your checkout method in your Commerce Manager to enable the 'Instagram check-out' option.

Note: Product tagging is available depending on the subscription plan you have. If you would like to change your plan to access this feature, feel free to reach out to us here.

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