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How can I create an Instagram carousel?
How can I create an Instagram carousel?
Updated over a week ago

With Agorapulse, you can schedule Instagram images and/or video carousels.

To create an Instagram carousel:

  • Add your images and or videos (up to 10 items per carousel)

  • Drag and drop your images/videos to choose the order in which you want them to appear

  • (for image carousels) Tag users on the images of your carousel

  • (for video carousels) Customize the video thumbnail by choosing a frame from your video (note: due to an API limitation, you can't upload a custom video thumbnail that is not a frame from the video)

  • Finish creating your carousel post (adding a caption, hashtags, your location, a first comment etc) and when the post is ready, either:

    • schedule your carousel post to be automatically published,

    • or enable the Publish via Mobile notification option to receive a push notification and manually publish your carousel post from our mobile app

And you're done!

Note: When creating carousel posts for Instagram, it is only possible to select 1 aspect ratio for all images included in the post. This is a limitation set by Instagram. You can read more about it in this Instagram help article.

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