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Instagram Grid View
Updated over a week ago

To get the Instagram Grid View for your Instagram account, in the Calendar View select the Grid option in the top right of the screen.

In the Grid view, we only show:

  • Posts with a future date, with one of the following statuses:

    • scheduled

    • to approve

    • assigned to me

    • queued

    • draft

  • The 15 most recently published posts, including natively published posts

You can choose to show the status of each post, or not, by toggling the Show status switch. NB: queued posts' dates and times can't be edited from the grid view; they can only be edited from the queue options.

The following items do not appear in the grid:

  • Failed posts

  • Posts with a 'scheduled' status and a date in the past (like a post scheduled to be published via push notification that wasn't marked as published)

  • Drafts with no date

  • Drafts with a date in the past

  • Stories

  • Reels where the option "Share on feed" wasn't enabled

When exporting the grid view as a PNG, there are 2 options:

  • Standard: exports all the content that is shown on the grid (i.e. all scheduled posts + the 15 most recent published posts)

  • Custom: allows users to set an "end date" in the future after which scheduled posts won't be shown in the export; so the export will include posts scheduled until the selected end date + the 15 most recent published posts

Note: The Instagram Grid View is available depending on the subscription plan you have. If you would like to upgrade your plan to access this feature, feel free to reach out to us here.

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