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Can I publish documents to LinkedIn?
Can I publish documents to LinkedIn?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can! With LinkedIn Carousels, it is now really easy to publish documents directly from Agorapulse!

LinkedIn Carousels allow you to publish documents such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint that can make your posts more engaging to users. When you add a document, LinkedIn automatically turns each page into one 'image' on the Carousel.

Here is an example of what a PDF looks like when it's turned into a Carousel:

How to Create a LinkedIn Carousel

1. Open up the Composer and select the Browse files button under Media. From here you can upload your document. You can also drag and drop your files here if you wish.

Note: LinkedIn Carousels are not available on the Agorapulse Companion app.

2. Once a document (e.g. a PDF) has been uploaded with a LinkedIn profile selected and a title has been added (this is required), we will generate the preview of your Carousel post.

Note: We can only show the first ten pages of the document (and only for PDF documents). When it comes to documents over ten pages: they will still be published in full. Previews are also not available in Shared Calendars.

3. When you are happy with your post, you can then schedule or publish the post as normal.

Note: If you have other social networks selected besides LinkedIn, you will see an error message explaining that documents are not supported on these networks.

Document specifications


Limits: 300 pages or 1MM words

Aspect Ratio: Vertical, Horizontal, Square

Size: 100MB

Note: LinkedIn Carousels are included in all our new plans except the Free plan. If you're on an older plan and wish to access this feature, contact us here to discuss plan options.

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