Can I delete published posts?
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If you have published a post via Agorapulse you can easily delete this from both the social network and Agorapulse with a click of a button.

Here is a list of social networks through which you can delete published posts using Agorapulse:

  • Facebook Pages & Groups

  • LinkedIn business pages & personal profiles

  • Twitter profiles

  • YouTube profiles (channels)

Note: Deleting posts via Agorapulse will delete them from their native platform permanently. These can not be restored.

It is not possible to delete published posts via Agorapulse for the following social networks:

  • TikTok business account

  • Google Business profiles

  • Instagram accounts*

If you want to delete posts from these networks, please log into the platform natively. Once they have been deleted, these will then need to be deleted from your Agorapulse.

*When you try and delete an Instagram post via Agorapulse, you will receive a message advising that the post needs to be deleted natively first. If the post hasn't been deleted natively, the action will fail.

Here is a breakdown of the posts that you can delete and cannot delete on Agorapulse.

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