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How do I post animated GIF on Facebook?
How do I post animated GIF on Facebook?
Updated over a week ago

It's possible to publish a single-GIF post on Facebook and the GIF will be animated.

As soon as you add more image(s) - GIFs or any other supported formats - none of the GIFs in the batch will be animated. You will see the alert “GIFs won’t be animated when Published on Facebook

Alternatively, it is possible to use a video version of your GIF. You can create your own MP4 files if you have the resources to do so and then upload the short video within Agorapulse.

If you have a GIF file, you can also upload it to a free tool such as Giphy, and then download it in MP4 format. This video file (MP4) can then be uploaded to Agorapulse! :)

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