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How do I crop or resize the image?
How do I crop or resize the image?
Updated over a week ago

Agorapulse allows you to crop or resize the image you've uploaded for publishing on social.

As soon as you upload your image, click the 3-dot menu and choose the Edit image button - a new window pops up in overlay: there you'll be able to make all changes.

On the left side, you have several prearranged frames ready to be used for different social networks, such as 1.91:1 format for posts or 1:1 format for carousels on Instagram. However, you can also drag the cropper tool to create your own frame. Dragging the image outside of the cropper will allow you to move and position the image itself, in the background.

You also have a few additional editing options:

  • Flip image (horizontally / vertically)

  • Zoom image

  • Rotate image (counterclockwise / clockwise)

Finally, don't forget to apply changes by clicking on the Save button - your changes will be saved into a new file which will replace the image you originally uploaded.

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