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Are Google Drive and Dropbox available on Agorapulse?
Are Google Drive and Dropbox available on Agorapulse?
Updated over a week ago

Agorapulse currently only integrates with Google Drive. However, we have a straightforward and easy method for uploading your Dropbox files to Agorapulse directly from your computer.

Note: Integration with Dropbox is coming soon!

Google Drive Integration

How to get started

To get started and connect Google Drive to Agorapulse, you need to open your Publishing Composer > Browse Files > Upload with Google Drive

Connecting your Google Drive account

Once you have selected Google Drive, a Google window will open in your browser asking you to choose the account you wish to connect. Either click on one of the listed Google accounts, use the Use another account option or enter your Google email address.

Note: After you have selected the account, ensure that you continue through the Google process, accepting and continuing through the process.

Using Google Drive to upload media

Now that a Google account has been connected, an overlay will appear allowing you to browse your files stored here. Find the media you want to upload, and click Select.

Important information:

  • Google Drive Integration Restrictions: The integration operates at the user level, preventing organization-wide access to a shared Google Drive. Each member must connect their own Google Drive account.

  • User Authentication Requirements: Users must re-connect to their Google Drive account each time they upload a file in the composer, as persistent authentication is not currently supported.

  • Document Upload Limitations: Users can only upload documents they own or have the 'Editor' role in Google Drive. To overcome these restrictions, the document's owner must grant them the 'Editor' role or transfer ownership of the document on Google Drive. Refer to Google documentation here.

Dropbox Workaround

MacOS - Adding Dropbox to Your Finder

  1. Download and Install Dropbox for Mac:

    • Download the Dropbox app for Mac from the official Dropbox website.

    • Install the app by following the on-screen instructions.

    • Sign in to your Dropbox account within the app.

    • Choose how you want to sync files, such as making files local to store them on your Mac's internal drive.

    • The Dropbox folder will now appear in Finder's sidebar.

  2. Access Dropbox from Finder:

    • Open Finder on your Mac.

    • Locate and click on the Dropbox folder in the sidebar.

    • Browse through your existing Dropbox files and folders.

    • A green check indicates offline file storage, while a blue icon signifies syncing.

Windows - Adding Dropbox to Your File Explorer

  1. Download and Install Dropbox for Windows:

    • Download the Dropbox app for Windows from the official website.

    • Install the app following the on-screen instructions.

    • Sign in to your Dropbox account within the app.

  2. Access Dropbox from File Explorer:

    • Open File Explorer.

    • Locate Dropbox under "Quick access" in the sidebar.

    • Click on Dropbox to access your synced files.

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