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A Guide to Master the Asset Library
A Guide to Master the Asset Library
Updated over a week ago

This article will show you different parts of the Asset Library so that you can manage your media assets and navigate your library with ease!

How do I upload files to the library ?

Uploading files to your Agorapulse Asset Library is easy. Simply click on the orange Create New button in the top right of the screen to get started.

There are a few options for uploading your files:

  • Click Upload files - This allows you to upload files directly from your computer.

  • Drag & drop items - You can drag and drop images stored on your computer

  • Click Create with Canva - You can choose this options to design items in Canva via our integration and store them in your Asset Library.

You can select more than one file to upload at one time. You can upload images as well as videos.

Please note: How many image & video files you can upload depends on the subscription plan you have.

Can I organize my files in folders?

Yes, you can! You can create folders by clicking the orange Create New button, then select Create a new folder. This way you can create folders and sub-folders to organize your files.

You can also move your files between folders. There are 2 ways to do this.

You can drag & drop files between folders, as in the GIF below.

The other way to move items is to select the file, by clicking the checkbox in the top right corner of the thumbnail. You can also select multiple items. Then click the Move to a Folder button at the top of the screen. In the dialog box that opens you can select which of your folders you want to move the item to.

Navigating in the Library

To navigate, you need to head over to the top bar. There, you will see an indicator of where you are within your folders and your library.

In the example above, I am in the folder called “Folder 2”, which is a subfolder within the folder “Test 1”, which is located within the main part of the library.

In order to navigate between folders, just select, within this nav bar, the folder you want to jump to.

How do I filter in the Library?

To filter assets, simply select the type of item you want from the filter list on the right.

They available filters are:

  • Asset Type: whether the file is an image or a video

  • Asset usage: whether the file has been used or not in a post

  • Labels: what label is applied to the file

  • Creator: which team member added the file to the library

By selecting a filter, you are choosing to display only the items that correspond to that filter, from your library. You can select multiple filters.

Can I change the size of the thumbnails in the Library?

If you are finding that the thumbnails for assets are too small, you can easily change the sizes by clicking on this button, where you have the choice between small, medium and large.

How do I delete items from the Library?

There are two ways to delete assets. You can hover your mouse over a file thumbnail and click the bin icon.

The other way, especially helpful to delete multiple assets, is to select them and press the Delete files button at the top of the screen.

How do I permanently delete items from the Library?

To permanently delete an item, you simply need to delete the item from the Deleted files section.

There are two ways to do this:

Using the delete button that appears on hover, or by selecting the assets you want to remove and clicking the Delete permanently button.

Can I restore deleted items?

You can restore an item from the Deleted files section within 30 days of deleting it.

Please note: items that appear in the Deleted files section are counted in the asset limitations. So if your limitation is 50 files, then all files within Deleted files, will be counted toward this.

From the Deleted files section, find the file you want to restore and hover over it. You will find the restore option there. Click this to restore the file.

You can also restore multiple files at once. Simply click the checkbox in the top right of the file thumbnail, for all files you wish to restore. Then click the Restore button in the top of the screen.

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