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How to create a Queue?
How to create a Queue?
Updated over a week ago

You can find the Queue section in the Content Library. Here you’ll be able to change your settings, view and organize your queues, queue content, edit your queued content, and set your timeslots.

To create a Queue, first click on the Create a new queue button.

1. Name the Queue

Locate the Queue name box to add a name. You may color code your queues as well.

2. Skipping an item

The next option allows you to choose whether you want this Queue to skip a queued post if it has already been published in the last x amount of days. This is especially important when you want re-queue the same post after it publishes.

3. Select a profile

At any time, you can select the profiles you want to build your Queue for. For now, it is only possible to add one profile to the Queue.

4. Select a Queue position:

Position refers to the place in the queue that will be given to your post. You can choose Bottom, which will add your post to the bottom of your Queue, or Top, which means it posts next.

Then click Create. Congratulations, you have now created your first queue!

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