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Creating and customizing timeslots
Creating and customizing timeslots
Updated over a week ago

Timeslots allow you to easily create automated schedules by profile, campaign, client, or theme.

To create timeslots:

First, you need to select one or multiple Queues from the left nav - these will be pre-selected when you add timeslots in the Queue Calendar.

You can click anywhere on the calendar to open the "New timeslot" window - from there you can choose which Queue this timeslot applies, and also customize the time:

💡You can easily create a timeslot on multiple Queues at the same time this way.

To edit or delete a timeslot:

Select the timeslot:

From here, you can simply change the time by clicking on the time picker and selecting update. Or you can delete it.

Note: It is not possible to duplicate a timeslot from this view or add it to another Queue

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