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How to Bulk Import Posts into Queues via CSV File
How to Bulk Import Posts into Queues via CSV File
Updated over a week ago

The bulk import feature in Agorapulse allows you to quickly add multiple posts to your queues at once, saving you time and effort. Here's how to use it:

1. Go to the Library > Queues > Bulk import queued posts

Click on the Bulk import queued posts button to access the bulk import feature. From here, you can import posts into your queues by uploading a CSV file.

2. Select Queues

Choose the queues you want to import your posts into.

It is possible to select multiple queues to import your posts into multiple queues at once.

But note that you cannot select multiple queues that are linked to the same social profile. If you want to bulk import posts into multiple queues related to the same social profile, you will need to make several bulk imports.

3. Import CSV File

Import your CSV file either by dragging and dropping it or by clicking on "browse files." Make sure that your CSV file is in the correct format:

  • Column A: Content

  • Column B: Link

  • Column C: Label

⚠️ The limit per CSV file is 200 rows. If you want to bulk upload more than 200 queued posts, you will have to create several CSV files with max 200 rows each.

4. Review your Queued Posts

If there are any errors in the data format of your CSV file, they will be noted in red. In this case, you'll need to edit the errors in your CSV file and re-import it.

One easy way to edit a CSV file is by using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Simply open the file in the program, make the necessary changes, and save the file as a CSV again, before re-importing it.

5. Edit or Save as Draft

You can choose to edit your queued posts or save them as drafts in the selected queues.

6. Edit Queued Posts in Bulk

If you choose to edit, the bulk edit window will open, allowing you to edit each of your queued posts.

If there are errors on a queued post (e.g. you need to add an image), you'll need to edit the queued post before moving on to the next one.

If you leave the bulk edit, the queued posts you have edited will be scheduled in your queues, but the ones you have not edited will be saved as drafts in your queues. You can view your scheduled posts and drafts created after a bulk import in your queues under the corresponding queues.

Using the bulk import feature in Agorapulse is a quick and easy way to manage and schedule your social media posts in your queues. Just make sure to follow the steps outlined above and pay attention to the data format of your CSV file to ensure a smooth import process.

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