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Power Reports: Aggregated metrics
Updated over a week ago

Agorapulse Power Reports allows you to build custom reports in which you can decide to include aggregated metrics, along with individual metrics for each social profile.

Aggregated reports combine figures of selected metrics for all selected social profiles and provides a top-level performance overview. This is helpful in case you'd like to have an overview of all brand's social profiles across social networks.

You have 3 options to choose from when aggregating data:

  • by social profiles - this is helpful in case you'd like to combine metrics across social profiles. Example: You manage a Facebook Page, Twitter profile and Instagram account for Brand A. This option will allow you to combine selected metrics from all 3 networks into a single figure, so for example you'll have an overview of Brand A's audience across social networks. Only 5 social profiles can be included in this type of report.

  • by social network - this is helpful in case you'd like to combine metrics for all selected profiles based on the social network. Example: You manage 2 Facebook Pages and 2 Instagram accounts. This will allow you to combine select metrics for both Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, so you'll have a single figure for engagement for all Facebook Pages/Instagram accounts. There is no limit to the number of profiles that can be added to this report.

  • aggregated & individual report - this report shows aggregated data, as well as including an individual report for each profile added. Only 50 profiles can be added to this report.

Not all metrics are available for combining - metrics which you can aggregate are the following:

  • Audience insights

    • overview (key metrics)

    • engagement

    • audience growth

    • impressions

  • Content summary

    • overview (key metrics)

    • top content

    • published posts

  • Community management

    • overview (key metrics)

    • replies sent

    • reviewed items

Below you can find examples of aggregated reports, both by social profiles and by social network:

Social profile

Social Network

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