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How to connect Google Analytics to Agorapulse
How to connect Google Analytics to Agorapulse
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Thanks to the integration with GA4, Agorapulse can easily show you what posts and conversations drive sales, leads, and traffic.

With just a few clicks, you can collect and merge data from Agorapulse and GA4 to create reports that show the impact of your social media campaigns.

How to connect the GA4 account to Agorapulse

Check out our overview video below, which will guide you through the process of connecting your GA4 account to Agorapulse in a few simple clicks:

How to connect a Google Analytics Account to Agorapulse when you don't have a Google/Gmail account

If one of the Google Analytics Administrators tries to give you access to Google Analytics with a non-google email address, they will most likely see the below error message:

For the GA Admin to give you access rights to their Google Analytics account (which you can then use to connect a Google Analytics account to Agorapulse), you will need to create a Google Account and link your current Outlook (or another provider) email address to that newly created Google Account.

1. Go to this link here to create a Google Account.

2. During signup, choose Use your existing email.

Note: Google will automatically associate a Gmail address to your Google Account, and you won't be able to use your current email address if you miss step 2.

You can then proceed with the account creation. Once the Google Account creation is over, you can contact the Google Analytics Administrator. They will be able to give you access using your current email address!

Note: Any access level will allow you to connect a Google Analytics Account to Agorapulse. Whether you get Viewer, Analyst, Editor or Administrator roles, you can add a Google Analytics Account inside Agorapulse and start measuring the business impact of your social media presence.

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