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How do I connect an ad account?
How do I connect an ad account?
Updated over a week ago

If you want Agorapulse to sync all comments under your ads and also gain the ability to boost your Facebook posts directly within Agorapulse, you'll need to connect your ad account. Here we show how to do this.

IMPORTANT: To connect your ad account you must have an advertiser or admin role on the ad account. Please refer to this article on how to check your role.

  1. Go to Organization settings > Profile settings

  2. Select your Facebook or Instagram profile

  3. Then click Ad Accounts > Connect account button

  4. If asked, please confirm the permissions by clicking OK

  5. Then, we'll list all your ad accounts - you can select one or more ad accounts by checking the checkbox

  6. Proceed by clicking Next when ready (you can change your ad account selection by returning to the previous step)

  7. Finalize the setup by clicking the Add button

  8. Confirm your settings

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