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How do I renew the ad token
How do I renew the ad token
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This article will explain how to renew the ad token in case it was invalidated. The steps below are same both for Facebook and Instagram.

If your ad token is invalidated there are several ways how we'll notify you:

You'll receive a notification in Agorapulse

You'll receive an email notification

You'll see warnings in the tool, with a call to action button

The easiest way how to renew the ad token(s) is to click on Manage ad account tokens button - this will take you to the Ad account settings where you can renew it:

  1. You'll see a list of all ad accounts that you've linked - if there is lost ad token on any of them, this will be indicated by yellow "!" icon

  2. click on the Edit icon (or the yellow "!" icon) and then Renew token

  3. You'll be asked to grant permissions - please accept them by clicking the Continue button (we'll need them to be able to sync ad comments)

  4. You're done - if your ad token was renewed successfully, you'll see the green "check mark" icon.

A few things to remember:

  • You'll only be able to renew your own ad token (tied to your Facebook account), you won't be able to renew others' tokens.

  • An ad account can have ad tokens from several people, but only 1 valid ad token is enough for Agorapulse to sync ad comments for your profile.

  • In order to configure your Facebook Ad Account in Agorapulse (to have your ad comments synced), you need to have a role (Advertiser or above) on the Ad Account - having a role (even Admin) on the Facebook Page is not enough.

  • Please whitelist domain in AdBlocker (or similar services) to be able to work with ad accounts.

  • Warnings about lost ad tokens disappear as soon as:

    • you disable the concerned ad account(s) (with toggle in the Ad account settings)

    • you remove the concerned ad account(s)

    • you successfully renew the concerned ad token

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