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Do you synchronize comments on unpublished (dark) posts?
Do you synchronize comments on unpublished (dark) posts?
Updated over a week ago

We synchronize comments on unpublished posts (or dark posts) for Facebook pages - you'll need to install your ad account to get started.

These comments are synchronized in your Facebook Inbox, so you don't have to check each post.

Depending on your plan, we will sync all new ads and all comments on all "live" ads within the 32 days prior to connecting an ad account, with the following limits:

  • last 300 active ads, every 4 hours if you have a Professional plan

  • last 2500 active ads, every hour if you have an Advanced or Custom plan

The limits of active ads are per profile. We sync the last X active ads - it's not possible to choose which ads are going to be synced.

Once an ad has been synced, all comments made under it are synced through the Facebook Real Time Updates system.

Please note: We can only sync comments on ads with an Active status in the ads manager. If an ad is paused we can no longer sync comments on the related ad posts. However, the post will still be accessible to users on Facebook and they will be able to leave comments. These comments will not be synced in Agorapulse while the ad has a status Paused. Once the ad is restarted, and Active again, we will sync all comments (within your plan limits). This means that you may see older comments synced since they were left on the ad post while it was paused.

*Technical note: how we do it*

If you run a small number of ads, you may be able to rely on Facebook native solutions (in power editor or on your page directly), but as soon as you have more than a dozen (or worse, hundreds), it is too much of a headache (and too time-consuming, for sure).

Agorapulse will synchronize (and allow you to delete, hide or respond to) all your comments on regular page posts AND newsfeed ads posts. (Please note that we are not able to hide Instagram ad comments due to API limitations.)

We’ve tested the real-time update API from Facebook, but it is unstable and unreliable when you have a high number of posts and comments. We've tried to only rely on the Graph API but it only lets you retrieve the X latest unpublished posts. As some of our clients had literally thousands of them, it didn't scale.

We ended up building a unique algorithm relying on a combined call to the Ads API first and then on the Graph API, and it appeared to be the only bulletproof solution.

Every 1, 2 or 4 hours (depending on your plan), we query the Ads API to see what are the currently active (or "live") ads. Once we get those ad creatives that are "live", we'll check which ones are unpublished posts and have a post ID attached to them. With that post ID, we'll sync the comments published on them.

That process ensures a 99.9% success ratio, whereas other solutions barely get half of your comments back.

Agorapulse's advanced Inbox feature also allows you to bulk review comments, apply automated moderation rules and manage comments seamlessly with a team, very useful features that native Facebook tools do not provide.

Multiple ad accounts

You can select multiple ad accounts - after getting your ad token, we detect all ad accounts tied to a given token and you can choose 1 or more of them by checking the toggle button. Also, multiple admins can connect their ad tokens and select additional ad accounts. This way, we'll be able to fetch comments under ads from different ad tokens and ad accounts. Users can view other users’ ad settings, but not modify them unless they have an Admin role on the given ad account.

Dynamic ads

We also sync Facebook dynamic ad posts and dynamic creatives - you'll be able to see comments made under these two types of dynamic ads in your Agorapulse Inbox.

We'll only sync these once there is a comment on them - you will not see the dynamic ad post / dynamic creatives in the Publishing Lists -> Published tab until comments have been left on these posts.

We sync comments on dynamic ads up to 32 days old. This is a rolling 32-day period. Facebook API returns all dynamic ads with their original creation date - this can have implications in case you update the ad: in such case, we can't have the updated date, so such ad might be missing.

Placement assets customization (PAC)

We sync ads that have been created using Placement asset customization - these ad comments will appear in your Inbox as any other ad comments. If you want to learn more about PAC, feel free to read this blog post on the topic.

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