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Do you synchronize Instagram ads?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, we can synchronize your Instagram ads (including dark posts), as well as comments that have been made on them. In order to see comments on your Instagram ads, you need to get your ad token.

To do this:

  • go to Profile settings button and choose Ad account tab

  • then click Connect ad accounts to display all available Ad accounts

  • choose the right Ad account from the dropdown menu and hit Update

All set! Please, wait an hour or two, until we sync the Instagram ad comments for you.

Multiple ad accounts

You can select multiple ad accounts - after getting the ad token, we detect all ad accounts tied to the given token and you can choose 1 or more of them, by checking the toggle button. Also, multiple admins can connect their ad tokens and select an additional ad account. This way, we'll be able to fetch comments under ads from different ad tokens and ad accounts. Each user can view other users’ ad settings, but not modify them unless they have an Admin role on a given ad account.

Dynamic ads

We sync Instagram dynamic creatives and their comments, however, due to API limitations you will not be able to reply to these comments - you can do it directly on Instagram only.

Placement assets customization (PAC)

We sync ads that have been created using Placement asset customization - these ad comments will appear in your Inbox as any other ad comments. If you want to learn more about PAC, feel free to read this blogpost on the topic.

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