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Limitations of The Agorapulse Mobile App
Limitations of The Agorapulse Mobile App
Updated over a week ago

There are some features or settings that are available only in the Agorapulse web application. Below you can find the limitations of the Agorapulse mobile app.

Inbox & Listening

  • You can't create new or edit existing Inbox Assistant rules or Listening searches

  • You can't connect and set up ad accounts

  • You can't use advanced filters, such as date filters, or Reviewed by filters


  • You can't switch between monthly and weekly view

  • You can't bulk publish

  • You can't use some advanced publishing features, such as targeting or republishing.

  • You can't create Twitter threads

  • You can't boost Facebook posts, this is only available on the web version.


  • You can't export reports

  • You can't view Competitors' report

Fans & followers

  • This feature is not available.


  • You can't manage your team and invite new users

  • You can't manage subscription or billing settings

  • You can't request a new password if you've forgotten it

Despite these limitations, we hope you find the Agorapulse mobile app useful to manage social on the go.

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