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Note: We're excited to announce that Easy Advocacy has been integrated into Agorapulse, streamlining your experience. As a result, this standalone tool will soon be deprecated. For more information about this, please visit our help centre articles here dedicated to the new and improved feature.

Easy Advocacy is a free tool that helps you and your team streamline your employee advocacy efforts.

With Easy Advocacy you can quickly set up a campaign, share it with your colleagues, and measure its impact.

Check out this video to learn how Easy Advocacy works.

How can I access Easy Advocacy?

Go to http://easy-advocacy.com and hit the blue Log In with LinkedIn button. When asked, don't forget to authorize the app. Once redirected, you will be able to use the tool.

To which social networks can my colleagues promote a campaign within Easy Advocacy?

Easy Advocacy has built-in social sharing functionality for:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

What campaign performance metrics does Easy Advocacy provide?

For each campaign, we provide:

  • the number of emails sent

  • the number of emails clicked

  • the number of social shares

  • the number of visits to the promoted content

  • a ranking of the top ambassadors

How many employee emails can I add to Easy Advocacy?

Easy Advocacy lets you to add up to 50 employee emails. If you need more space than 50 employees, contact our free tools team here. They can unlock the default limitation constraint so you can add more people to your distribution list.

How is the post preview built?

If the website you’re pasting the link from is correctly optimized, we display a preview based on the OG metadata. If not, we display a default image and default content.

Facebook has removed the ability to edit previews attached to link posts, both natively and via third-party publishing tools. You can read their official announcement here.

What can I do if I don’t like the post preview?

If you own the website of the campaign link:

If you’re promoting a link from your own domain, make sure your website is set up to generate optimal link previews by referring to the Facebook documentation here.

If the link is from a third-party website:

There is nothing you can do unless you contact the website and ask for changes.

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