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(Examples) Inbox Assistant Rules to make your life easier
(Examples) Inbox Assistant Rules to make your life easier
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Got a cluttered Inbox? Did your Listening search create too many results? Your Inbox Assistant can clean up and organize your inbox for you!

The Inbox Assistant will automatically review, assign, bookmark & label items for you, based on the rules you create so you only have to manage the content that matters to you.

Alternatively, read on to see some great examples that our team and customers use all the time.

TIP: If you're entering multiple keywords into the Inbox Assistant rule, make sure you separate them with commas, rather than typing each on a separate line.

Filter out all the spam!

Ever get tired of annoying Twitter bots? Apply this rule and you'll never have to see them again.

Make customer support efficient again!

We provide social customer support in multiple languages and each member of our team has their own special expertise. These rules make sure the right social conversations get to the right people immediately.

Questions in English-

Questions in Portuguese-

Measure Sentiment!

Need to measure the positive or negative conversations on a profile? Try this.

Pro Tip: Your reports track all labels, so you'll get a nifty little pie chart showing you the percentage of positive reviews you've gained during any reporting period.

When a customer tries to follow up with a specific team member, rules like this will make sure they speak directly to them-

Refine those listening searches!

Listening in on social conversations is easy. Filtering out all the unnecessary noise requires a little finesse.

We recently created a listening search to collect Twitter conversations on a topic important to us and got overwhelmed with tweets about how awesome Ted Rubin is. Now, we LOVE Ted, and we think he's awesome too, but we really don't need to see all those conversations. Once we created this rule, our search collections went from an overwhelming amount of results per month to a small, manageable number that actually provided value to us.

So, whether you're a plumber prospecting for business in your local area or a global influencer keeping tabs on important conversations, it's easy to get overwhelmed by a listening search. Skim your results to find the common factors in the conversations you don't need, then create a rule like the one above to make sure they're automatically reviewed.

Got competitors?

People are always asking how we compare to Sprout Social and Hootsuite. This automation rule makes sure these conversations are automatically assigned to our sales team.

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