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May 2023 - Imminent change impacting your Twitter account(s)
May 2023 - Imminent change impacting your Twitter account(s)
Updated over a week ago

May 16, 2023

If you manage Twitter accounts on Agorapulse, this message is a must-read.

It will not be a surprise to you that things have been a tad chaotic at Twitter in the past 3 months. Since Twitter announced the end of the free version of their API on February 9 and later announced the content of their paid plans starting at $500k a year, we've had a few bumpy weeks.

We've been working hard to adapt to these changes and announcements as they were made, always with zero visibility as to what the next step would be. Every week had its bag of new surprises, often not good ones.

Based on what we know today, and in order to transition to the new enterprise API on June 1st, we have to work on a transition phase where some features will be temporarily downgraded to reduce the number of calls we're making to their current API.

The first step will start on May 17, 2023 (before 1 PM CET time).

We're going to release 2 changes for all our customers:

  • In the listening section, we're going to stop synchronizing Retweeted items.

  • In the inbox section, we're going to slow down the synchronization frequency, with the following breakdown

    • every 60 minutes for plans enterprise and custom (versus every 5 minutes before)

    • every 4 hours for all the other paid plans. (versus every hour before)

We've done our best to make sure that this change won't create any mentions or DM being missed, but if it's the case, you can contact our support team.

We appreciate that this change has an impact on your own response time and we're making our very best to optimize everything so we can go back to an improved synchronization frequency. The goal is to be done between June 1st and June 13.

If monitoring your Twitter inbox on a real-time basis is a priority for you, we recommend using Tweetdeck as a temporary alternative. It's free and relatively easy to set up.

Rest assured that these changes are temporary and designed to bring back Twitter to its full capacity. We may have to release additional changes next week, we will keep you posted early next week.

We will update this dedicated article to log every change we may have to do in the next 2 to 4 weeks.

We wish we could have avoided disruptions but in order to do that we would have needed early access to the new paid API, i.e. before its release on June 1st, but Twitter's position has consistently been that they would not give us early access and we would have to "pay to migrate" our current integration. Since what they ask us to pay is either $125k a month or $210k a month based on the number of API calls we make, we're doing our best to minimize the financial impact for our business and yours.

Thank you for your understanding and your support as we go through this together.

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