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Twitter transition period (June 2023)
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What is Twitter lite?

Twitter lite will be the default mode for all Twitter accounts: it will allow you to maintain access to the publishing feature, without limitation regarding the number of tweets you can schedule or queue.

What is Twitter Plus?

The Twitter Plus add-on is priced at €/$30 per month per profile (the currency depends on your location). Subscribing to this add-on will be your choice, you won't be automatically charged for it.

This addon is a package that allows you to unlock the following features:

  • real-time inbox synchronization (thanks to our new access to the Enterprise API)

  • maintain access to the report section

  • fan & followers

This ecosystem has been designed to be a mixed one: for example: if you manage 5 Twitter accounts, you can decide to purchase as many Twitter Plus add-on slots as you like and then maintain the remaining Twitter profiles with the lite version.

Who can subscribe to the Twitter Plus addon in my team?

The subscription owner and all the managers are allowed to buy this addon

I need to subscribe to the Twitter Plus addon but I can't as I have a manual subscription, what should I do?

Please get in touch with us at so we can help you and amend your subscription on your behalf

I only need to publish on Twitter: do I need to subscribe to the Twitter Plus addon?

No, there is no additional cost to maintain the unlimited publishing feature on Twitter, Twitter lite is sufficient in your case.

I need to subscribe to the Twitter Plus addon but I'm on a yearly plan: what's going to happen?

Don't worry, if you change your subscription in the middle of the billing cycle, the system will charge the amount due on a prorated basis. (For example, if you have 6 months left before your renewal date, we will charge $/€180 and not 360)

I need the listening back, what's the plan?

We have great news here, since we gained access to the enterprise API on June 1st, we've been able to leverage new API endpoints designed to provide an amazing Twitter listening experience. Thanks to that new API environment, our Twitter Listening feature is going to move to a whole new level! Here's the plan:

  • We are aiming to release a totally revamped Twitter listening experience by the end of Q4 that will blow you away (together with revamped listening for all the other social networks that allow for social listening, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
    We will communicate more about the revamped listening feature as we progress and get more specific use cases. It's an exciting time!

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