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September 2023 - Changes to the Twitter/X API
September 2023 - Changes to the Twitter/X API
Updated over a week ago

Due to the recent changes to the Twitter/API announced here. Unfortunately, there will be changes to how Twitter can be used with Agorapulse and other third-party tools. Below you will find out what will no longer be available.


  • When mentioning users in your Tweet, you must now type in their full username. There is no longer the option to search for users using partial usernames. However, we will provide you with the option to open up Twitter natively to verify the username.

  • It is now no longer possible to add locations to your Tweets as this is not supported within the API. However, if you already have Tweets scheduled with locations added, these will still be published.


  • Just like publishing, when mentioning users in your reply, you must type in their full username.

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