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How do I use the Agorapulse Chrome extension?
How do I use the Agorapulse Chrome extension?
Updated over a week ago

You can access the Agorapulse Chrome extension anytime by clicking on its icon (the little orange "a") on the top right corner of your screen.

Using the extension is really easy - anytime you're browsing on a website and want to share it, just hit the little orange "a" icon. It will show you a very similar publishing options window that you're used to in the Agorapulse Manager. There, you can configure everything - the text to display, the image, the date/time of publishing, the pages, and accounts you want to publish on, etc.

And that is not everything! The Agorapulse Chrome extension allows you to share images too. Just hover your mouse over the image you want to share and you'll see an orange Share image button in the bottom right corner - click on it to configure the post with the selected image.

Still, that's not everything, check this out - imagine you're reading an article and want to share some part of it, perhaps a sentence, or a quote. With our extension, you can select the text, then click the "a" icon and the text will automatically be pasted into the status or a tweet. How awesome, huh?!

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