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How can I manage and import advocates?
How can I manage and import advocates?
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Note: Only Owners or Managers have the ability to access the Advocacy option and therefore you must have either of these roles to create/manage campaigns.

To manage your Advocates, go to the dedicated "Manage advocates" section

There are two types of advocates, which help you better organize your lists of advocates.

  • (1) Internal: company's internal employees (Employee Advocacy)

  • (2) External: company's external parties (e.g. Ambassadors, Influencers...)

You can easily add your advocates by clicking either Add Employee advocate or Add External advocate depending on if you have selected Internal or External under Advocates in the left panel.

  • You can enter detailed information such as "First name", "Last name" and "Locale" (see supported languages at the end of this article) that will be used to personalize the advocate notification and the campaign page.

  • You can change the type of ambassador from Internal or External using the option under "Type of advocate".

How can I import in bulk?

To import advocates in bulk, click on the arrow and then Create in bulk now choose either Internal or External.

  • You can choose the type of advocate (see above).

  • Paste a list of email addresses separated by commas.

After importing, you can select/multi-select users and enter detailed information such as "First name", "Last name" and "Locale" (see supported languages below)

How can I add advocates to a list?

  • From the Advocate "Internal" or "External" advocate section, select (or multi-select) advocates, click on the ... icon and Add to a distribution list.

  • From a given list, click on Add to selected lists.

What languages are supported?

We currently support:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

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