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Twitter/X Synchronization limits
Twitter/X Synchronization limits
Updated over a week ago

Our Twitter API plan limits the volume of posts we can sync on that network. Please see below the synchronization limitations:

  • At the Search level

When first creating a search, we will fetch the last 300 posts matching the search parameters or the last 30 days.

For example, if 300 posts match the parameter keyword “Jordans” in the past 7 days, then only 7 days’ worth of backdate will be synced for that search. Or, if that same “Jordans” search matched with 260 posts in the past 30 days, all 260 posts will be synced.

Once the search is created, we will synchronize a maximum of 4500 Twitter/X posts per month.

  • At the organisation level

We will sync a maximum of 4500*2*number of active searches. For example, if you are paying for 5 searches, your organisation limit will be set at 4500*2*5 = 45k Twitter/X posts/month.

Both search and organisation limits are reset at the start of each month.

Note: All the above limitations only apply to Twitter/X listening item sync, not to other networks.

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