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Guide: The new Inbox experience
Guide: The new Inbox experience
Updated over a week ago

We're happy to share some significant improvements coming to our social media inbox. These updates are designed to enhance your experience and make managing conversations across different platforms more efficient.

This article gives you a guide to navigating this new Inbox experience.

Opt-in/Opt-out Flexibility

During the initial rollout, you can switch between the new and old inbox interfaces. This opt-in/opt-out system allows you to try the new features and revert to the previous setup if needed.

Your feedback is always welcome as we continue to make our tools better for you.

Please note: The rollout of this new experience will begin in July with a few select users. It will expand to more users throughout the month.
Once the rollout is complete, the new Inbox experience will be available to all subscriptions plans.

Main changes

Optimized Layout

We've removed the inbox title and tabs to provide more space for the items list. This allows you to view more items at a glance.

When viewing the new inbox, you will notice that, by default, we display items waiting to be reviewed. To view items that have already been reviewed, you can use the drop-down selection (1).

There is also an "items assigned to you" notification and filter that can be applied with a click of a button. Using this, the inbox will show items waiting to be reviewed and assigned to you. (2)

Enhanced Filtering Options

The Filters, Calendar, and Search buttons have been moved to the right of the screen. This change allows filters to be combined when looking for specific items in your Inbox. For example, you can now filter items that have the sentiment "negative" and are assigned to "me."

Streamlined Item Type Selection

The Item type selection (e.g. the filter for comments or Private Messages) has moved. It's now located in the Filters menu, with all other filters, in the top right of the screen.

This allows you to combine Item type in your filter selection, to more easily customize your view.

Note: Once you have selected the filters, you can click the Filters button again to minimize the options menu. This allows you to maximise the viewing space and not be distracted while you work through the inbox.

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