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Slack & Agorapulse

This articles describes the Agorapulse Slack integration and how to use it

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Agorapulse allows you to connect your account to your Slack workspace. This increases the options for receiving notifications from Agorapulse. With a connection to your Slack workspace notifications are real-time, so you can respond faster.

Please Note: Slack Integration is available depending on the subscription plan you have. If you would like to change your plan to access this feature, feel free reach out to us here.

How to connect Slack

To connect your Agorapulse account to Slack go to the Personal Settings > Notifications menu.

Click the Connect Slack button to access the authorisation screen. Ensure you select the correct Slack workspace, and then click the Allow button.

The GIF below shows these steps in detail:

This connection is set for the user level. When you connect your Slack workspace to your Agorapulse account, this is only for you. Your Agorapulse team members will need to repeat the steps above so that they can connect Slack to receive their notifications.

Note: Owners & Managers can also connect Slack via the Organization settings > Integrations menu. Under the Slack icon, click the Configure button. This will redirect you to the Personal Settings > Notifications menu.

Since Members don't have access to the Integrations menu, they need to connect Slack via the Personal Settings menu. The result is the same in the end.

You are now ready to configure your notifications.

What kind of notifications are available?

This integration allows you to receive notifications for the following events on Slack:

  • When an Inbox item is assigned to you

  • When a Publishing parent post is assigned to you

  • When you have assigned a Publishing parent post to someone, and it has been approved

  • When you have assigned a Publishing parent post to someone, and it has been rejected

  • When a Publishing Post failed

You can enable/disable notifications for these events in the Personal Settings > Notifications.

What will I see in Slack?

Agorapulse will appear as a new Slack app within your Slack workspace. Messages will appear for each event you've enabled notifications for.

You can click on the Review it on Agorapulse link, to handle the item directly on Agorapulse.

How to Disconnect Slack

Go to the Personal Settings > Notifications menu. In the top right of the screen click the red Disconnect Slack button.

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