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Agorapulse and SSO (Single Sign On)
Agorapulse and SSO (Single Sign On)
Updated over a week ago

What is SSO and what are its benefits?

Single Sign On (SSO) enables an employee to use a single set of managed login credentials (e.g. name and password) to access multiple applications.

Key benefits for your organization:

  • account security: if an employee’s permissions, access or employment status changes, your network administrator can easily disable all accounts that are associated with that user.

  • better user experience for your employees: no need to memorize dozen of different passwords as they have only one to remember.

Is your organization eligible for Agorapulse's SSO?

Agorapulse SSO is currently only supporting OpenID Connect compatible Identity Providers.

To know if you are eligible for Agorapulse SSO, you need to check if your Identity Provider (IdP) is compatible with OpenID Connect.

If the answer is "yes", then we can set up SSO for your organization.

Note: Check out there for the list of OpenID Connect compatible providers

How to set up SSO for your organization?

If you want to set up SSO you can do this by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager who will be able to work with you on this.

Where can you log in with SSO?

You can find the SSO login option on our login page:

Or you can directly go to this URL:

Next steps

If you want to know more about SSO and how this can be enabled in your organization, please get in touch with:

  • your Customer Sucess Manager if you have a custom plan

  • your Sales Representative or our Sales team

For any other questions or queries, please contact our Support team

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