What is a social profile?
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By social profile, we mean any of the social media network profiles which can be managed with Agorapulse. It can be any of the following:

  • Facebook page or Facebook Group

  • Twitter profile

  • Instagram Professional profile (Business or Creator)

  • LinkedIn Business Page or personal profile

  • YouTube profile (channel)

  • Google Business profile

  • TikTok Business account

In terms of pricing, let's look at an example - our Advanced subscription plan allows you to connect up to 10 social profiles. What do we mean by that?

Simply, you can connect any combination of social profiles you manage - as an example, it can be 10 Facebook pages or it can be 10 Instagram Professional profiles, but also 3 Facebook pages + 3 Twitter profiles + 4 Instagram business profiles, or 1 Facebook page + 9 Twitter profiles and no Instagram, etc.

As long as the total number of connected pages and accounts (= social profiles) adds up to no more than 10, it's OK (for the Advanced plan).

These limits are different for each subscription plan. For details, please see the pricing page.

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