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Do you support Facebook Store locations?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can connect Facebook Store locations in Agorapulse. If you have Pages structure that includes store locations and which represent physical stores of your business, you can connect all of them in Agorapulse - the "main" page, as well as all its store locations.

On the connect page, you'll see both the main page and the store locations - these have small pin location icon next to their title.


Facebook Store locations behave like any other "standard" Facebook Page, except of the following specifics:

  • mentions

  • ad comments


Only @mentions made by other Facebook Pages are going to be synced in Listening section - if a person (Facebook private profile) mentions your Store location, this won't be synced.

Ad comments

Ad comments are synced into your Inbox depending on the type of Store location:

  1. if the Store location was created by connecting an existing Page to the main Page, we will sync its ad comments

  2. if the Store location was created directly, by manually adding its details, we won't be able to sync its ad comments

How do I find out what type of Store locations do I have?

As we've mentioned, there are 2 basic types of Store locations:

  • added manually directly under the main Page

  • existing Pages, connected to the main Page

If you don't remember how your Store locations have been created, there is a simple trick - go to the list of your Facebook Pages here and if you see the Store location listed, it means it was previously a standalone Page and its mentions and ad comments will be synced. On the other side, manually created Store locations are not listed in this list and we won't be able to sync their mentions and ad comments.

FYI, we do support Facebook Global/Regional Pages structure, so you will be able to add and manage all your global and regional pages.

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