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Replying to Instagram comments
Replying to Instagram comments
Updated over a week ago

Click on the comment that you would like to reply to and then type the reply into the provided field. Don't forget to hit Send when you're done composing your reply!

You can add an emoji but you can't add attachments and the character limit for an Instagram comment is 2200 characters.*

(* - username of the author you're replying to is also counted)

Ad comments

We do support comment threads so you can see and reply to ad comments and their replies.

Comments on Instagram Dynamic creatives

Due to technical reasons, we're not able to allow you to reply to comments under Instagram dynamic creatives - this is an API limitation. Reply directly on Instagram instead via the View on Instagram button.

You can also create saved replies to respond to messages with 1 click. Click here to read an article about saved replies.

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