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Creating an advocacy campaign
Creating an advocacy campaign
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The Agorapulse Advocacy feature allows you to use employees or external influencers to boost your content. You can do this by creating campaigns directly in Agorapulse, that you can share with your advocates for them to boost your content on their socials.

Note: Agorapulse offers 2 ways to create Advocacy campaigns. This article explains how to create link-based campaigns directly from the Advocacy feature.

You can also create campaigns directly from the composer while creating your posts. You can learn more about creating post-based campaigns in this article.

Creating a campaign

To create a campaign, head over to the Advocacy feature and click Create a new campaign or if this is not your first campaign, click Create campaign.

Note: Only Owners or Managers have the ability to access the Advocacy option and therefore you must have either of these roles to create/manage campaigns.

General information

From here you will be able to add the following details:

  1. Campaign title and Campaign description - The campaign description will help your advocates understand the context and goals of your campaign. This information will be shown on the Advocacy campaign page that your advocates will receive, from which they can amplify the content.

  2. Set an end date (optional) - When this date is reached, the "Advocacy campaign page" will no longer be accessible to your advocates.

  3. Additional information (optional) -This can be used for you as the campaign manager (user role = owners & manager) and won't be accessible to your advocates.

Once you are happy, click Next or you can use the Save as draft button if you want to save your progress and continue at a later time.

Shared content

You will now be able to enter the content you wish to be shared:

  • Only links can be shared in this early version. You can paste any link you want to share.

  • Copy suggestions - you can click on Add another copy suggestion to add up to 5 of these.

Once you are happy, click Next.

Please note: Agorapulse will automatically add a UTM code with a unique ID to this link, allowing detailed insights at the advocate level (campaign open rate, click-through rate (CTR) and traffic generated with the unique link they'll be able to share). UTM customization will be available in later versions.

Audience information

Now you can select your advocate list for your Campaign audience.

You can add specific advocates (individually or in bulk) and/or choose one or more lists to target. See our related article regarding this: How can I manage and import advocates?

Please note: When starting the campaign, you can save this audience to a new list.

Campaign preview information

We will now show you a preview of your Campaign. If you are happy with this you can use the Start campaign button. This will send the Campaign email to your ambassadors.

Your Campaign is now live! To learn more about managing your Campaign, please head over to this article here.

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