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How do I add a YouTube listening search?
How do I add a YouTube listening search?
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To create new keywords/listening search:

  1. Click the Profile settings button at the top, next to the social profile name.

  2. Select the Listening tab.

  3. Click Create search

To configure your listening search, start by giving your search title. Then type in the words to monitor, i.e. those words and phrases you wish to keep an eye on. You can then specify the search by entering the words or phrases you wish to ignore - those can be words related to your topic to some extent, but too general, resulting in irrelevant results for you, on the other hand.

When the setup is done, click Next button to see the preview of the search. If you are good with expected results, hit Create this search button. All set!

Note: You need to have an Admin role on the profile in Agorapulse to access the listening search settings. For more information on roles in your Agorapulse organization, please refer to this article.

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