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Is it possible to publish video?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can schedule and publish a video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or TikTok.

When scheduling a post or tweet, choose the Browse Files button to select a file from your computer or library. You can also directly drag and drop your video file into the Composer.

On most social networks, you cannot upload more than one video (only Instagram allows multiple videos to be published in a carousel). Learn more about the video size and format specifications here. You can also add your custom thumbnail for the video - learn more about this here.

Please click here to see the summary of technical limitations for video publishing for each social network. Also, detailed specs for each network can be found below:

Technical note: Agorapulse doesn't modify uploaded video file(s) in any way - we take the video the user has uploaded and send it (upload) using the respective API service. In case there is any perceived loss of quality (e.g. lower resolution), it's only due to the way the APIs are handling the video file on their end (for example they might change its attributes to fit the API standards). This is the same for every 3rd party tool using an API service. From our experience, the quality of videos published to LinkedIn is degraded because the video is being compressed on LinkedIn's side.

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